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Us Helping You

This is the site of a public domain radio show, Unwelcome Guests.

Navigating The Website

To navigate around the site, use the           Navigation           panel on the left hand side:

  • To find audio content on a particular topic, type keywords into the Search box in the top corner and click       Search     - or, if you are a regular site visitor, the OpenSearch Plugin should help you search the site more easily.
  • The ░ Episode Gallery provides a quick visual overview over all our episodes. For a text version, see the ⚡ Episode Index.
  • To see what topics are available, click on ★ Topics
  • For an index of all episodes, see ⚡ Episodes
  • To get to a particular episode, type the episode number into the the Search box in the top corner and click       Go    
  • For a list of the main speakers on the show, are available, click on ☹ Speakers

Downloading/Using Audio

The easiest way to download our audio is from the ♫ MP3 Archive. All our audio is in the public domain.

You Helping Us

Unwelcome Guests has been produced regularly since March 2000 by a collective of volunteers.

Getting involved

  1. Join the mailing list and introduce yourself
  2. Make an account on the website and learn how to edit a page

Ways to Contribute

  1. Tell your friends - Spread the word! We rely on motivated listeners to share the message.
  2. Improve the website.
    • Click on the '★ Start a discussion' link to add your thoughts about a particular episode
    • Improve one of the page stubs which often have only minimal information.
    • Make a new page for one of the speakers without a page.
  3. Visit the studio, where you can...
  4. Broadcast the show, blog about/link to it, remix, post it to social websites, copy our material etc.