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You will need

  1. A reasonably fast computer, with internet access
  2. A microphone
  3. Audio editing software, such as audacity
  4. An account on this website

You should read

  1. The Basic Principles of Audio Recording
  2. The Production Guidelines

What to do

  1. Choose an episode plan you want to make. This should likely be a B grade episode plan.
  2. If you use audacity (recommended), get one of the templates, otherwise, you'll need to download our theme tune.
  3. Download the relevant audio segments and listen to the audio a couple of times and familiarize yourself with the content
  4. Convert any stereo audio to mono (Tracks/Stereo to Mono in Audacity)
  5. If necessary, clean up the audio
  6. Decide which (parts of) audio segments you'd like to use, and roughly what you'd like to say
  7. Plan how you're going to fit it all into 1h 59min
  8. Cut and assemble the audio as needed
  9. Check you have followed the FCC-Safety guidelines
  10. File/Export the final product according to the Production Guidelines
  11. When it's done, ask a site administrator to upload it (Post it somewhere on WWW and post a link to the mailing list), and update the site indexes accordingly

Where to ask for help