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Although the language is checked for FCC compliant language as usual, the subject matter is especially harrowing.
Listener/broadcaster discretion is advised.

On 13th September, 2015, the UK Police dropped a murder enquiry repated to VIPaedophile, and began reprisals against the witness who had come forward: here

#716#717#718#719 Episode #720 - The Conspiracy Of Silence
(VIPaedophile, Blackmail and The Deep State)



Sat 22 August 2015  Tim Tate, various
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week, we tackle a new topic on the show, which some have dubbed "VIPaedophile". We hear the sound tracks of a pair of investigative documentaries on organized child sexual abuse. First, "Spies, Lords and Predators" which looks at what it terms "the biggest political scandal Britain has ever faced". Next, we hear an interview with respected investigative film maker, Tim Tate, about the making of The Conspiracy Of Silence, his 1980s ground breaking expose of organized child sex abuse in USA. He tells how, after the film had been, produced, and the rough cut was approved by legal advisors, and even scheduled for broadcast, it was suddenly pulled, and has never aired in USA to this day. One or more of the witnesses who testified in the film were later found dead. After his interview about the film, we hear an adaption of the film itself, which is now available on the internet.
This week we tackle the harrowing topic of organized child sexual abuse, which appears to have been going on for decades, organized internationally - if the coordinated silence of lawmakers, police, judges and the media mean anything - by deep state groups. Silence alone, as we shall here has not been the only tactic - other measures, including intimidation and murder have been repeatedly used. With the internet and the rise of independent journalism, such measures are increasingly failing to keep a lid on the phenomenon, and - after the exposure of Jimmy Saville in UK - a clearer understanding of the phenomenon is at last emerging to a wide audience.

Our first piece is an adaption of "Spies, Lords and Predators", a documentary by Stephen Rice, broadcast on Australian Television. This looks at the PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) and reports on the UK establishment's efforts to suppress investigations into child sexual abuse by senior figures including Sir Peter Hayman, deputy head of MI6.

Next we hear a radio interview of investigative journalist, author and documentary maker Tim Tate. He worked with Roger Cook on The Cook Report, and a bunch of other documentaries. Tony Gosling interviews him about Conspiracy of Silence, the film he made on the Franklin child prostitution ring. The patterns of child abuse in USA by members of the US establishment seem consonant with those in UK. He explains his feelings about the film, and shares the fact that he feels partly responsible for the death of one of the abused children he interviewed, having persuaded him to recant the recantation he made after his brother was killed in suspicious circumstances.

We conclude the show with an expurgated soundtrack of Tim Tate's film, Conspiracy of Silence. This begins by introducing Boystown, one of the US's most best loved charities, controlled in the 1980s by convicted fraudster Lawrence King in the 1980s. Tim Tate makes a convincing case that multi million dollar fraud was only a part of King's malfeasance. He made the film, Conspiracy of Silence after two waves of allegations were made against King and against Boystown. In the 1980s, a number of children from Boystown came out with charges of sexual abuse and prostitution. Although Tim Tate spent a lot of time trying to track them down, he found that they had almost all disappeared by the time he arrived in USA to make the film. His film is based on the second wave of accusers, mostly boys who spoke out about a year before he arrived. Their accounts featured sexual abuse and prostitution in sex parties with top US politicians and in houses along Washington's "embassy row".

Interestingly, neither of the films used for this episode have much to say about the possibility of blackmail playing a role in these activities. This may reflect a lack of awareness of the deep state on the part of their producers. In this context it is interesting to note that only last month, Lord Sewel, chairman of the Lords' Privileges and Conduct Committee (the body that upholds standards of behavior among peers) resigned after an unnamed source furnished a video of him to the commercial media. Highlights included his stripping naked and taking cocaine with prostitutes.
Thanks to Tony Gosling for the Tim Tate interview.
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