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Tony Gosling
Born 1962 (age 61–62)
Gravesend, Kent, UK
Residence Bristol, UK
Known for Researching the Bilderberg Group and others

Tony Gosling is a former BBC journalist who first discovered the Bilderberg Group during the 1990's. He became increasingly incredulous at the extent of the news blackout as his researches confirmed its existence, so he bought where he posted the information he had gathered about the group. He is an active member of Bristol's local radio, BCFM and regularly posts material to He has been arrested and had property such as computers seized by UK police<ref></ref>.

Tony Gosling remains a politically active broadcaster, both using local radio and the internet; among other sites, he runs and His weekly show appears at He has made several appearances on RT<ref></ref> and in 2014 appeared again on BBC.<ref></ref>

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