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#707#708#709#710 Episode #711 - Facing The Failing Culture Of Control - 4
(The Sickening Development of Modern Medicine)


The Tuskeegee syphilis experiment

Sat 18 April 2015  Charles Eisenstein (reading), Toni Bark, Piper Hendricks
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2We review the infamous Tuskeegee syphilis experiment and its even more murderous offshore equivalent, noting that the US government's apology to those affected did not stop it using "sovereign immunity" to block their class action lawsuit - since the deeds occurred outside of the USA. The lead attorney, Piper Hendricks shares her frustration. We conclude with an interview of Toni Bark, host of "Bought, The Movie" on regulatory capture by big pharma of CDC and the difficulty of assessment of the health risks of vaccines in light of the huge amounts of money involved.
We begin this week with a few minutes of the introduction to episode 472; Lyn Gerry introduces her reading from the chapter "life under contract" in Charles Eisenstein's Ascent of Humanity. We begin the show with a few short clips from the soundtrack of "Guatemala - Syphilis Laboratory", a video by John O'Shea on the experiments carried out by the US Public Health Service and the CDC at Tuskeegee (which denied syphilis patients treatment for decades) and Guatemala (where healthy people were deliberately infected with syphilis and other STDs). Next we hear an April 2012 interview with Piper Hendricks, the lead attorney bringing a suit in connection with the Guatemalan experiment. At that stage the US government had claimed sovereign immunity, but she was still hoping that public pressure could be brought to bear. We conclude with episode 27 of the Infectious Myth, in which David Crowe interviews Toni Bark, host of "Bought, The Movie" which looks at regulatory capture by big pharma. This looks at the case of the CDC whistleblower on suppression of the MMR vaccine/autism link. She makes a number of controversial points surrounding the capture of the CDC and the still ongoing whistleblower case of Dr. William Thompson, who in February 2015 was granted immunity to testify before Congress about the decision to break protocol and omit crucial data from a paper, which as a result appear to exonerate the MMR vaccine from a link to autism.
Thanks to the Infectious Myth for the Toni Bark interview and to Five O'Clock Shadow for the Piper Hendricks interview.
This episode rebroadcasts content from episode 472.
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