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Lyn Gerry
Lyn Gerry
Residence Watkins Glen, NY
Known for Starting this Collective, A-Infos Radio Project
Influenced by Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, Noam Chomsky
Influenced Robin Upton

Lyn Gerry is a radio journalist who in 1996 started the A-Infos Radio Project with a group of friends from an anarchist media listserv, in response to the reorganisation of Pacifica by its new management to eliminate many of the more outspoken programmers. It was the first grassroots media project of its kind to allow free upload and download of programs, and has a wide variety of material. Lyn started Unwelcome Guests in 2000 in an act of resistance against the New World Order, and produced it weekly until retiring in 2010. She is now writing a novel, enjoying spending a lot of time with her horse and running a farmers' market.


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