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#683#684#685#686 Episode #687 - Is 50 Years Enough?
(The JFK assassination and the 9-11 Attacks)



Sat 17 May 2014  Mark Gorton (reading), Peter Dale Scott, Mark Crispin Miller
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week we conclude Mark Gorton's Fifty Years of the Deep State, which centers on 9/11, though it pursues avenues which we have not explored much on the show before. This is accompanied by veteran Deep Politics researcher, Peter Dale Scott, speaking on the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination. Numerous parallels present themselves between the 9/11 and the JFK assassination, from the set up to the government cover-up commissions that strove in the face of huge evidence to the contrary to forge a shallow political narrative.
This week most of our content comes from two sources. Firstly, we conclude our reading of Mark Gorton's Fifty Years of the Deep State, which provides a fresh perspective on Sep 11th and puts it in the context of a deep state cabal that has been more of less in charge of US politics since the assassination of JFK. Secondly, a talk by Peter Dale Scott on the 50th anniversary of JFK's murder gives insights into the event, its set-up, execution and subsequent cover-up by the Warren commission. Unusually, we chop and change between these two sources to emphasise the considerable parallels between the two.

We've heard many times on the show before about the anomalous financial trading in the run up to 9/11, but are you familiar with Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV)? Peter Dale Scott estimates that D.H. Byrd (friend of LBJ and owner of the Texas School book depository whence Oswald ostensibly shot JFK) teamed up with James Ling to make about $50M by buying 132,000 shares of LTV in November 1963 just before the JFK assassination. These shot up in value after the once LBJ came to power; whereas JFK had announced a troop withdrawal of the Vietnam war, the first contract the Pentagon awarded was for a fighter jet to LTV.

We revisit Mark Crispin Miller on Declassified CIA memo# 1035-960 ("Countering Criticism of the Warren Report"). The approach of using of "propaganda assets and friends in the media" to counter any suggestions of conspiracy within the state seem even more sinister in light of Gorton's ideas about a criminal cabal at the heart of the US government than they did when we first heard them in episode 561.

The disturbing parallels continue into our second hour, from the mock investigations designed to quickly fix an 'official narrative' behind which corporate media and the establishment can line up to the flurry of activity in files held on ostensible "lone nuts" by government agencies just before they carry out atrocities. How much safer do you feel through these unaccountable state agencies which claim the legal right to kill, torture or disappear people without providing evidence or wrongdoing, or even without notifying anyone? If you would like to document their activities, you are invited to collaborate in development of the encyclopedia of deep politics, Wikispooks.
Music: Sleeping in, by Mates of State
Thanks to Project Censored for the interview with Peter Dale Scott
This episode rebroadcasts content from episodes 517 and 561.
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