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Fifty Years of the Deep State, by Mark Gorton

Read by Robin Upton for episodes 685 - 687   List of Episodes
* Whole text online
An unfinished paper issued to his employees on the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination. Mark Gorton synthesises a bunch of deep political events to build a coherent picture of an ugly reality at the heart of the US government; underneath the facade of ordinary, dysfunctional, electoral politics is the descendent of the cabal which made the monumental decision to assassinate JFK in 1963. Gorton narrates that the since their assassination of JFK, the cabal has:

  • developed hit squads to remove unwanted witnesses
  • cemented editorial control over the US commercial media
  • occupied the US Presidency almost unbroken since 1963 (the exceptions being Carter and Nixon)
  • more or less subverted all the sensitive parts of the US Government through strategic appointments of corrupt or controllable officials
  • planted the meme of "Conspiracy Theorists" as kooks though its CIA media assets (as we heard in episode 561)
  • carried out large numbers of conspiracies, including False Flag acts of terror.

The paper is unfinished, and so this reading skipped some sections which are just outlined or which were entirely missing. The referencing is patchy (especially the early parts, although they are the most polished), but the narrative structure is excellent and the narrative very compelling. This book provides the most accessible way in to understanding Deep Politics that I have yet come across, a topic which underlies so many other areas of key importance that I decided to publish it as an audiobook.

* Complete audio, 2h 31min (72MB)

The reading is spread over three episodes, all of which use material from Peter Dale Scott and other sources to clarify and support Gorton's ideas: