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#564#565#566#567 Episode #568 - 9/10 Anniversary Special Edition
(Unaccountable Accounts from Powerdown to Stand Down)


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This is a choice episode Sat 10 September 2011  Jack Shanahan, AE911Truth, William Rodriguez, Tony Gosling, Martin Summers, Norman Mineta, Richard Gage, Luke Rudkowski, Kenneth Dowst, Jonathan Cole, Rudoplh Giuliani and many others
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week's show is released 10 years to the day since Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon could not account for 1/4 of all its spending. Like the $2,300,000,000,000 he spoke about, many details from the next day are still unaccounted for, a decade later - including most notably the sudden (though not unexpected) implosion of WTC7. We hear the soundtrack of a new video by AE911 Truth, and testimony from a range of witnesses including Norman Mineta, William Rodriguez and Scott Forbes. We ask what sense it makes to 'demand another investigation' from the same crooks who carried out the first one, and pay tribute to a couple of enthusiastic amateurs who are carrying out individual acts of resistance to the NIST whitewash.
We start the show by recalling that on Monday, September 10th 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced that the US Pentagon could not account for 1/4 of all its expenditure. This is the mother of such smaller frauds as the $20,000,000,000 annually spent on air conditioning tents in Iraq and Afghanistan which we noted in episode 565. In the face of such vested interests, how much sense does it make to demand an investigation? Who should we demand an investigation from... the same bunch of liars and crooks who organized the first one??

We note how some elements of the story were emphasized (WTC1&2, Bin Laden) and others quickly discarded (WTC7, explosions, Bin Laden's denial) by commercially controlled media. We hear a section of New World Notes on the complete lack of effective air defense on the day.

According to the NIST report, the hypothesis that bombs were present in the building was too incredible to bother testing for, yet audio and video recordings made on that day document the countless eye witness accounts of detonations inside the World Trade Center, both before and after the planes hit. We hear that independent researchers have determined chemical residues consistent with explosives (nano-thermite) and published their findings in the peer reviewed scientific literature. What are we to make of NIST's glib response was that such ideas are too whacko to be taken seriously. Why have a committee at all then? And why have some members of the 9/11 commission resigned amidst claims of a 'whitewash'?

A 2005 interview by Tony Gosling provides first hand testimony from two important witnesses to the WTC events. First, Janitor William Rodriguez tells how his actions on the day saved many lives of those trapped in the building, and how he saw direct evidence of bombs and those who had been hit by them. Next Scott Forbes tells that he had 9/11 off due to work he had done the weekend before shutting down the computers during an unexplained power outage in the building. He reports seeing a team of unidentified workmen carrying out some 'cabling', an activity which would have given them access to the building's critical support columns. Noting that although given to NIST these testimonies were unaccountably omitted from the final report, we reflect on the importance of taking action outside the prescribed institutional framework, such as the independent questioning of Larry Silverstein regarding WTC7 carried out by Luke Rudkowski.

Then we hear an abridged soundtrack of one engineer's private investigation into the question of whether thermate could be used to cut the WTC's support columns. Jonathan Cole's video shows how some modifications of the technique presented in National Geographic's 'investigation' yielded success; he could cut box steel using thermate, something which could explain both the orange molten metal which was filmed dripping from one of the WTC towers and the firefighters' testimony (and subsequent thermal images) of molten metal inside the buildings.

Ending on an enigmatic note, we conclude with a speculation about one possible motive for the destruction of WTC7, we hear Rudolph Giuliani confirm that it housed the headquarters of various secret agencies that said he couldn't(sic.) mention.
Thanks to BCFM, Kenneth Dowst and Laurie
This is a special edition in the sense that I have tried (OK, perhaps not with great success:) to make it approachable to new listeners. You are encouraged to pass it to your UnwelcomeGuests naive friends ;)
Also note that there's quite a lot of visual content this week, so try the videos below:

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