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#347#348#349#350 Episode #351 - For The Love of Tyranny
(Bananas, Bad Apples, Death Squads and Empire)



Sun 25 March 2007  Dahr Jamail, William Blum, John Taylor Gatto (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2What are presented as isolated news items are actually connected - there is a line that connects Chiquita death squads and their Iraqi counterparts - and that line runs right through the USA, as we will hear on the program this week. CIA and US Military operatives have created death squads, personally or by proxy in countries as wide ranging as Vietnam, El Salvador and now Iraq. US pundits have suggested that the violence is an indication of a culture not up to the task of democracy. Let me suggest that it is a characteristic trait of any dominator society, one riddled with social. Sexual and Economic hierarchy requires perpetual violence, because the people on the bottom of the hierarchy will no maintain that position voluntarily - and that includes the United States.
We conclude the show by finishing chapter 11 of John Taylor Gatto's Underground History of American Education.
Music: Land of do What You're Told (Chumbawumba?)
Thanks to KWMD, and the LA Sound Posse
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