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John Taylor Gatto
Born December 15, 1935 (1935-12-15) (age 88)
Monongahela, PA, USA
Residence Oxford, NY
Known for Unschooling activism, New York State Teacher of the Year
Influenced by Anthony Sutton
Influenced Derrick Jensen, Lyn Gerry, Robin Upton

John Taylor Gatto is a former advertising copy writer, who borrowed his roommate's teaching license one day to try out teaching. After 30 years as a teacher, and numerous awards such as New York City & State Teacher of the Year, he resigned on the op ed page of the Wall Street Journal, saying that he "no longer wished to hurt kids to make a living."

He researched the history of schooling in US for 10 years, and wrote his findings in in the book The Underground History of American Education, which was read on the show from episodes 315 to 372. In the 5 hour long video "The Ultimate History Lesson", he stated that the works of Anthony Sutton were essential in helping him piece together a coherent story out of the information he had discovered.<ref></ref>

He has been a big influence on the Unwelcome Guests collective: both Lyn Gerry and Robin Upton report him as big influences on their thinking, and together they produced his Underground History of American Education as an audiobook.

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