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#309#310#311#312 Episode #313 - Freedom Fries
(What's on the menu for the Declaration's 230th Birthday?)



Sun 2 July 2006  Ryan Johnson, Christopher Mogwai, Darrell Anderson, Patrick & Jill Hart, Christian Care, Greg Palast, Michael Smith, Michael Ratner
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2On the celebration of the Declaration's 230th birthday, we'll present some reportage on the doings of patriots and criminals - you decide which are which.
July 4, 1776 - after declaring equality, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness inalienable human rights, insurgent colonists who would not be governed against their will took up arms against King George, who they called a tyrant. They called themselves patriots. King George and his men called them criminals. Though the patriots won their war, they abandoned the ideals of the declaration of July 4th as they set up a nation in which 90% of the people in it were slaves - whether chattel slaves, marital slaves or debt slaves. Since then, many have fought and even died for those inalienable rights, but they have not been called patriots. They have been called criminals, and some are rotting in jail right now.
Thanks to Fluxrostrum, Rochester IMC, Mike McCormick and Law and Disorder
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