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#305#306#307#308 Episode #309 - Vicious Cycles
(US Wars and War Crimes From Vietnam to Iraq)



Sun 4 June 2006  Aaron Glantz, Dahr Jamail, Larry Everest, Craig Murray, Anthony Arnove
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week on the show we hear several speakers address different strategies for accountability, and note the dramatic failing of the institutions handed down by own parents' generation on this point.
If you're a baby boomer, you may recall how we blamed our parents' generation for allowing US politicians, of both parties, then as now, to conduct a criminal and horrific war, based on lies, to satisfy the lust for power and wealth of old men. Now the atrocities are happening on our watch, and despite the 60's generation's efforts to create a new society, - where the old would not use the young, where the rich would not use the poor, as pawns in their in their flesh and blood monopoly games - the same bankrupt ideas and policies still dog our efforts to create a better society. In some cases even the same cast of characters - such as Cheney, Rumsfeld, Negroponte return as a re-occurring nightmare to reenact the Vietnam war overtly and covertly in many countries under many rationalizations. Our institutions are a travesty and it falls to us as a people to take responsibility and stop a criminal regime.
Thanks to Mike McCormick, Flashpoints, Global Voices for Justice, Skidmark Bob
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