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Robin Upton
Born December 1970 (age 53)
Residence Dhaka, Bangladesh
Known for Hosting this radio show, Altruistic Economics
Influenced by Ivan Illich, John Taylor Gatto, Lyn Gerry, Smithy, Chris Hedges, Derrick Jensen, Steve Talbott, David Graeber
Main interests Gift Economy, Deep Politics

After growing up in UK and Denmark, Robin Upton trained as a mathematician before heading off to Bangladesh in 1998. After learning about the Ponzi scheme nature of fiat money, he has been working on an alternative since 2004 - making a decentralized accounting model (a form of mutual credit) which he called Altruistic Economics. The computer network to implement it, he called Friend2Friend. He is now working on permaculture in his adopted home country, Bangladesh. Long time listener of the show, he took over the task as main host from Lyn Gerry in 2010. This takes up most of his free time when he is not documenting the deep state at Wikispooks.


In Summer 2011, he released WikipediaPlus, and in December 2011 he spoke on Plutocracy to 28C3, a German hacking conference.

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