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FCC Safety (=No Swearing)

All episodes must follow the FCC guidelines. The legal situation is both complex and unclear - perhaps deliberately so, to allow for selective enforcement and punitive action against the sort of anti-establishment radio stations that play this show. All producers must be careful to follow FCC guidelines on Indecency and Obscenity.

  1. Thanks to George Carlin, the following 7 words are definitely forbidden: shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker & tits
  2. If you're an Unwelcome Guests editor, anything you personally find offensive is forbidden (but not the inverse!)
  3. Read and inwardly digest this FCC safety primer

For Producers: Handling Non-FCC Compliant Audio

  1. If in doubt about FCC-compliance, post to the mailing list a day or two in advance of production, and assume that language is unsafe unless a consensus emerges that it is
  2. Either just delete the word or replace it with a sound. Audacity has a 'tone generator' which is helpful for this. For swear words in songs, you may find it helps to cut and paste a section of the music over the top of the missing language
  3. When posting the table of contents, use the |fccwarn=1 option of the Template:mp3 for any components you have censored for FCC safety, to warn downloaders and assist editors in checking your episode

For Radio Stations: Playing Unwelcome Guests

We have been, since our inception, aware of the FCC guidelines, and all episodes have been made with them in mind. To the best of our knowledge, no radio stations have been brought to book for broadcasting our show. However, please see our General_disclaimer.