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#668#669#670#671 Episode #672 - Mainstream or Extreme?
(7-7, Islamophobia and CCM as Establishment Tools)



Sat 19 October 2013  David Miller, Tony Blair, Tony Farrell, Ian Puddick, Brian Gerrish, Tom Secker, Keelan Balderson
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2If asked to imagine a terrorist, do you see a mental picture of an Islamic suicide bomber? This episode we examine how the appearance - and quite possibly also the reality - of Islamic terrorism is cultivated by the UK deep state establishment. A wide variety of voices on this episode centered around the events of July 7th, 2005 explore David Miller's claim that the UK government uses the self-styled 'mainstream media' to promote Islamophobia through the security services.
We begin this episode with a 45 minute interview of sociology professor David Miller, co-founder of the recommended Spinwatch (included by default on WikipediaPlus). He describes to Tony Gosling how the commercially-controlled media (CCM) works, noting the biggest lie of all which underpins the manifold deceptions of modern media and politics, that it is important what most people believe. In reality he says, democracy in UK is manifestly dead since even when people disbelieve the lies, as for example in the run up to the Iraq war, this means little in practice. According to Europol, <1% of terrorist incidents in Europe are by Islamic terrorists, so why do so many people estimate the proportion as high as 50%? Not content simply to blame the commercially-controlled media, Miller looks at their sources of information for terrorism stories, and suggests that arms of the UK government such as MI5 are deliberately encouraging hatred of Muslims.

As examples we examine two short reports from the commercially-controlled media. First, 45 seconds of a BBC TV report from the day of the London Bombings. Already by the evening of July 7th, 2005, Tony Blair had concluded that "we know that these people act in the name of Islam". Second, a brief report on the arrest of suspects in London a couple of days ago.

Our next piece is an EDGE Media discussion between Tony Farrell, Ian Puddick and host Brian Gerrish on the privatization of law enforcement and its increasing lack of transparency to the public it is supposed to serve. Ian Puddick tells how the police spent over £1 million to censor his website, and used the counter-terrorism directorate to raid his home and offices. Apparently his FOIA requests into how much money was spent on this operation were denied on grounds of expense, while the documents produced in his court case proved that the proceedings brought against him were directed by the US private security company, Kroll, using the UK police force to pursue a private agenda. Former intelligence analyst Farrell reports how he was dismissed after suggesting that there was an appreciable terrorist threat from elements inside the establishment.

Quotes-66.gif...the people in the United Kingdom by and large have not woken up to the level of deceit and the corruption in high places.Quotes-99.gif

— Former 'Principal Intelligence Analyst’ for South Yorkshire Police, Tony Farrell

Next we play an audio adaptation of Tom Secker's 7/7 - A Conspiracy Theory, which explores the possibility that the UK intelligence services may be systematically radicalizing young Moslems as a means of expanding its power and influence. We conclude with the start of an interview of Tom Secker by Keelan Baldersen. Both were invited to take part in "7/7 Conspiracy Road trip" which was broadcast on the BBC, but both were unimpressed enough by the pitch to decline the opportunity. The first minute of the video suffices to reveal the deceitfulness of the producers of what has all the hallmarks of a transparent hit piece designed to try to prevent the public at large from questioning the official narrative pushed by the commercially-controlled media.
Thanks to Tony Gosling for the David Miller interview
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