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#638#639#640#641 Episode #642 - Living a 3-Dimensional Life
(Living Moneyless, Walden #1)



Sat 9 February 2013  Wendell Berry, Jacques Fresco, Henry David Thoreau (reading), Suelo (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2A poem by Wendell Berry starts us off on a differently paced, more musical set of episodes this week. As a counter to what Jacques Fresco terms 'base articiality of materialism and mindless consumption' we weave a tapestry of thoughts including those from iconoclastic earthy thinkers including Suelo, the moneyless resident of a Utah desert from whom we heard in episode 600 and the American Transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau.
An extended introduction is graced with 'How To Be A Poet' read by its author, Wendell Berry, as an introduction to a slower paced, less pointed show this week. The show consists mainly of a pair of interlaced readings about the exceptional lives of their authors, both deep thinkers given to musings on nature and on life. From the 19th century, we read some sections of the first chapter of Walden, Henry David Thoreau's celebrated chronicle of reflections from his years living alone in a one room hut. From the 21st, we read a selection of answers by Suelo from the F.A.Q. on his website 'Zero Currency', about the moneyless life he lives, why he got started on this road and why it suits him so well. We kick off the show with a short recollection by Jacques Fresco of his time in school. His curt summary of ¾ century of musings on how the money system has allowed an elite to enslave most people in developed societies in a dreary consumerism: "This @*&$ has got to go!"
Music: An excerpt of Breathe by Pink Floyd, plus Toxic Swamp by Kenny Young & The Eggplants and Within This Emerald Hill by Jesse Gardner
Thanks to the good folk of Librivox for the reading of Walden
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