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#329#330#331#332 Episode #333 - Bums Out Now! (1)
(The Case for Impeachment)



Sun 19 November 2006  Dave Lindorff, Barbara Olshansky, Jenifer Harbury, Ezat Mosselanajad
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week and next week we give you a hear the case for impeachment, with a special emphasis on torture.
The human race is at a crossroads brought on by the destruction of our environment. For the sake of survival and for our happiness, we must transform the way we live, and we must do it now. The government of United States, its policies, and its ideology are a large part of the problem, and the Bush/Cheney administration is the distillation, the standard bearer, of everything that is wrong- calculated liars, torturers, serial killers, looters of the national wealth, subverters of national and international sanity through a campaign of fear and violence, contempt for the American people and everybody and everything else but the profits of an elite circle of already wealthy people. It, they, epitomize a way of being in the world that goes back long before their present terms of office. Our politics and economics require deep structural change that will take time. But serious action must happen now. Impeachment is triage, we need, quite literally, to stop the bleeding...
Thanks to Squeaky wheel and Rochester IMC
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