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#163#164#165#166 Episode #167 - Paying For Empire
(A look at the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex)



Sat 17 May 2003  Joe Farahm Christopher Pyle
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week, our main presentation is an in-depth look at the dollars costs of the US military machine. But first a couple of things directed at the question of why we in an ostensible democracy allow the government to throw our money at a bloated military while it denies us the things that would make our lives easier.
The US has maintains a vast global military empire with bases in more than 120 countries, This empire is maintained in concert with a few dozen very large private corporations whose income comes almost exclusively from military contracts. This state of affairs has wide reaching impact on our domestic policies and arrangements that are seldom examined or even acknowledged. The collective deep pocket that pays the bill for this military-industrial complex, that is the average American taxpayer, has little idea what is being spent or how its being used. The military and its bottom line are above criticism - both political parties in Congress fall over themselves to fling the taxpayers' money at what is euphemistically called 'defense'.
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