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#92#93#94#95 Episode #96 - Homeland Insecurity
(Two Meltdowns Waiting to Happen)



Sat 5 January 2002  Harvey Wasserman, Smithy
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2In our first hour of the program, we'll hear from anti-nuclear activist Harvey Wasserman about how to shut down nuclear plants such as Indian Point near New York City that is putting 20 million people at risk. Then, in our second hour, Wizards of Money with Smithy returns with an analysis of the effect that the dismantling of banking regulations put in place after the 1930's depression may have on our not to distant future.
Since September 11th, safety and security has been on the minds of many people as well as on the lips of government officials. An office of homeland security has been established whose most notable acts appear to be the harassment of people who express criticism of the Bush Administration and rounding up immigrants based on their race. Also, sealing the borders from dangerous individuals like John Clarke, an anti-poverty activist from Toronto, who was denied permission to give a speech in Michigan this month. In an e-mail detailing his interrogation by US officials Clarke said he was asked whether he was an anarchist or socialist, and whether he knew the whereabouts of Ossama bin Laden. The supposedly security conscious government seems to be facilitating two disasters waiting to happen: the continuance of indefensible and intrinsically deadly nuclear reactors which would cause tens of millions of deaths if breached due to a terrorist attack, and a financial system that eerily resembles the period just preceding the Great Depression of the 1930.
Thanks to Wizards of Money
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