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Coverstrip template which makes a rectangular box, containing a thumbnail plus title and subtitle link to the corresponding episode.

Example invocation:
{{coverstrip |number=528 |title=The Bilderberg Group |subtitle=Conspiracies & The Fiction of Government Power |last=1 |alt=This week we took a look at the Bilderberg Group, a secret meeting of about 120 hierarchs from Europe and US. Senior members of national governments, multi-national companies, royal families, media corporations and financial institutions have met up annually since its inception in 1954. Little is known of the contents of their meetings, due to strictly enforced privacy - which may finally be weakening, as more leaks are emerging. We hear a range of voices including Tony Gosling and Michael Parenti as well as Daniel Estulin's speech on the Bilderberg group given this year to the European parliament.}}

Optional extra parameters:

|last=1 - to tidily end a list of them
|wide=0 - to not make it fill space available
|size=80 - change thumbnail width (default=66)
|alt = text for image 'alt'>
|description=Optional extra plaintext