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Thanks Tereza for an informative episode. I had heard some of the John Taylor Gatto material previously, but the information on the Student Loan Scam was new to me. It is astonishing how we allow our youth to start life with these burdens that are equivalent to a debtor's prison.

One thing I'd like to challenge is your taking issue with John Taylor Gatto's assertion that the US Government can print as much money as it needs. Indeed it can. Please read the following link on Monetary Sovereignty:

These concepts are out of the mainstream for precisely the same reasons as many others discussed in episode 520: widespread education and understanding would threaten the status quo.

Thank you again and thanks to Robin for carrying on with Unwelcome Guests and for creating this great resource. I look forward to more discussions on the shows.

Agreed, the US govt can make as much money as they feel they can get away with, out of nothing - and I reckon will in all likelihood do that in the next couple of years (and then some).