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Most audio on the web is MP3 files at addresses which begin http://. This should present no problem. Just use right-click, 'Save As'...


A handy site for ripping audio from YouTube videos:

Unusual Protocols - rtsp:// , mms://


You'll have to have installed win32codecs ("sudo apt-get install win32codecs"):

mplayer -dumpaudio -dumpfile ripped-file.rm  rtsp://,554,7070

This will discard the video stream. If you want that, use 'dumpstream' instead

File Formats


To convert from video to MP3:

ffmpeg -i input-file.mp4 -vn -o output-file.mp3

ffmpeg has a lot of options, including:

  • -ab <bitrate> Set the bitrate (default=64k)
  • -ac <#channels> Set how many channels (default=1, mono)
  • -ar <freq> Set sampling frequency (default=44100Hz)
  • -vn Discard the video