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Percy Schmeiser
Born January 5, 1931 (1931-01-05) (age 90)
Occupation Farmer
Known for Standing up to Monsanto
#657 - Rounding Up The Opposition (Glyphosate Risks, David versus Monsanto) #657 - Rounding Up The Opposition
    (Glyphosate Risks, David versus Monsanto)

Percy Schmeiser is an organic farmer whom Monsanto sued, claiming that he was growing their seed illegally. Although aged 70 at the time, he decided to take a stand, suing them back for polluting his previously GMO-free organic crop.

Quotes-66.gifNow, at 70, I am involved with this fight with Monsanto. I stood up to them because a farmer should never give up the right to use his own seed. I felt very strongly about it because my grandparents came here from Europe in late 1890s and early 1900s to open this land, to be free, and to grow what they wanted to grow. Now we are going back to a feudal system that they left because they were not free — basically we are becoming serfs of the land.Quotes-99.gif

Percy Schmeiser

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