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Naomi Klein
Residence Oxford, NY
Known for Unschooling activism, New York State Teacher of the Year
Spouse(s) Avi Lewis

Naomi Klein grew up in Canada, and spent much of her teenage years in shopping malls, obsessed with designer logos. As a child and teenager, she found it "very oppressive to have a very public feminist mother" and she rejected politics, instead embracing "full-on consumerism." Radicalised by her feminist mother's stroke and the École Polytechnique Massacre, she became editor-in-chief of her university.

Her book No Logo, published in 2000, became for many a manifesto of the anti-corporate globalization movement. In 2004, Klein and her husband, Avi Lewis, produced a film, The Take, about Argentina. Klein's most recently resounding success has the The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.

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