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Murray Bookchin
Born January 14, 1921
New York City, New York
Died July 30, 2006 (aged 85)
Burlington, Vermont
Influenced by Aristotle,<ref name=Bookchin>Bookchin, Murray. The Ecology of Freedom. Oakland: AK Press, 2005. p.11</ref> Spinoza,<ref name=Bookchin>ibid, p.11</ref> Hegel,<ref name=Bookchin>ibid, p.11</ref> Karl Marx,<ref name=Bookchin>ibid, p.11</ref> Peter Kropotkin<ref name=Bookchin>ibid, p.11</ref>, Hans Jonas<ref>[1] Small, Mike. ‘’Murray Bookchin: US political thinker whose ideas shaped the anti-globalisation movement’’. ‘’’The Guardian’’’ August 8, 2006</ref>, Denis Diderot<ref>Bookchin, Murray. The Philosophy of Social Ecology: Essays on Dialectical Naturalism. Montreal: Black Rose Books, 1996. p.57-9</ref>
Main interests Social ecology, libertarian municipalism, libertarian socialism, social hierarchy, dialectics, post-scarcity anarchism, ethics, sustainability, history of popular revolutionary movements

Murray Bookchin founded the social ecology movement within libertarian socialist and ecological thought. He was the author of two dozen books on politics, philosophy, history, urban affairs & ecology. Bookchin was a vocal advocate of the decentralisation as well as partial deindustrialization and deurbanization of society. <references/>

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