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Michael Pollan
Michael Pollan

Pollan speaking at Yale University
Born 6 February 1955 (1955-02-06) (age 69)
Long Island, NY, US
Occupation Author, Professor of Journalism
Influenced by Wendell Berry

Michael Pollan is a professor of journalism at the University of California, Berkeley. Through books such as In Defense of Food and documentaries such as Food Inc., Michael Pollan has been worked for many years to raise the profile the food in US, especially, to encourage diversification from the fossil fuel-dependent, agribusiness model. He questions a number of commonly held views, such as the view that the point of eating is to promote health, pointing out that this attitude is not universal and that cultures that perceive food as having purposes of pleasure, identity, and sociality may paradoxically end up with better health. He also supports Charles Eisenstein's view that the idea of trying to reduce food to a particular set of nutrients may be fundamentally flawed - pointing out that culture, rather than modern reductionist science has a better track record in matters of gastronomy.

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