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Michael Lerner
Born 1943 (age 77–78)
Newark, New Jersey, USA
Residence CA, USA
Occupation rabbi, editor, author
Known for Editor of Tikkun Magazine
Religion Jewish

Michael Lerner is an American academic and activist who became a rabbi in 1995. He has studied the American 'religious right' and traces its recent rise to the rampant climate of social disconnection in US. Armageddon, he argues, has some sort of perverse appeal to a generation of socially disconnected, confused Americans, who otherwise feel no possibility for change. In 2005 he founded The Network of Spiritual Progressives, intended to ally those with a progressive agenda and who recognize a spiritual dimension of life, whether or not they agree with traditional religious values. The Network of Spiritual Progressives, now has chapters in over 30 US states and some foreign countries. In 2006 he wrote "The Left Hand of God - Taking Back Our Country from the Religious Right".

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