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Gary Webb
Born August 31, 1955
Corona, CA
Died December 10, 2004 (aged 49)
Carmichael, CA, USA
Occupation Investigative reporter
Known for Exposing CIA drug smuggling

Gary Webb was a very gifted investigative journalist who chanced upon evidence of CIA smuggling drugs into US. In 1996 published a series of articles entitled "Dark Alliance", which was later published as a book. His meticulously documented case was ignored by the government, but not denied. Instead, behind the scenes pressure was used to get formerly supportive newspapers to back away from the story. Eventually even his own editor backed away from the story, leaving Webb very isolated. Webb however, would not back down from his story, and used the emerging world wide web to publicise the story widely. Gary Webb was shot twice in the head in December 2004, which was ruled a suicide.

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