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Allan Francovich
Born 1941
New York, USA
Died April 17, 1997 (aged 56)
US customs at Houston Airport, TX
Occupation Film maker and director
Known for Groundbreaking films
Main interests CIA, Education, Metanarratives

Allan Francovich was the son of a mining engineer, who spent his childhood with his father in Bolivia and Peru. He grew up to become a fearless producer of films, including the groundbreaking 1980 film "On Company Business", and undoubtedly the best film expose of Operation Gladio, for the 1992 BBC Timewatch series. The importance of his work can be guaged from the terseness of entries about it in Wikipedia.

He is reported to have died from a "heart attack" while going through US customs at Houston Airport, Texas on April 17, 1997. He was planning 4 documentaries, including one on the assassination of Olof Palme.<ref></ref>

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