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Studio Episode - Doom Deconstructed (The Specter of Collapse)

Sun 21 November 2010  Peter Goodchild (reading)
? Michael Ruppert, David Korten, Jeremy Rifkin, Dmitry Orlov?
In the year 2000, the zeigeist was one of optimism; WWW was booming and technology was getting better and better and futures seemed bright. Just a decade later, many people are anticipating a dark future of resource wars, ecological depletion, social collapse and mass die off. How has such a fast turn around been possible, how has it happened and whose interests does it serve? Centering on Peter Goodchild's essay The Imminent Collapse Of Industrial Society, we look this week at the prophets of doom, and ask whether their analysis is missing a dimension?
  • Some short piece to set the tone.

Most of the show will be taken up by an audio reading of this essay, with interpolated critiques, either as MP3s or read by the show host.

This might be good spread over 2 shows, which would give more time for some appropriate doomsterism slotted in - but perhaps pick 'doomsters' who are circumspect in their conclusions.


  • The hierarchical system is on the brink of collapse.
    • Money will collapse without warning, and with it will go a lot of the rest
    • USA is very poorly prepared for the coming correction. c.f.
    • People inside the hierarchical system (=nearly everyone to some extent) identify with their oppressor - Stockholn syndrome
    • Decentralised alternatives are underestimated because of systematic oppression from centralised institutions
  • Belief in 'Overpopulation'
    • Reflection of an ideology that sees people as a problem
    • Feeling that US 'deserves' death due to its parasitic role in geopolitics?
    • Self-identification of people with hierarchy
  • Real and ongoing Ecological damage.
    • If we don't change, most people will die in short order
    • Its unprecedented nature makes it hard to grasp and assess - and those investigating it may have an incentive to overestimate its threat.
    • Unquantified (epi-genetic?) reduction of human fertility


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  • Contributions from listeners
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* Something downbeat
  • Something upbeat