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#738#739#740#741 Episode #742 - Solving 9-11 - Part 2
(A detailed look by Chris Bollyn)



Sun 26 June 2016  Chris Bollyn (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Chris Bollyn continues to read Solving 9-11, his latest book on the topic. He draws parallels with other events such as 7/7 and the sinking of the MS Estonia, both of which also had coincident terrorist drills that mirrored what actually happened.
We continue Chris Bollyn's reading of his recent book: Solving 9-11. We hear the second half of Chapter 3 and continue up to the end of Chapter 5. He charges that 9-11 was organized and carried out by the Mossad, with the US permission, to launch the "War on Terror" and provoke attacks on Arab countries. His evidence includes observations about connections between Ptech, the FAA and the NTSB. His look at terror drills going live includes not only the 7/7 bombings and 9/11 attacks, but also the sinking of the Estonia in the Baltic Sea, which is new to the show. Knowledgeable listeners are invited to contribute evidence about this at Wikispooks MS Estonia page.

A recommended source for further reseasrch into Bollyn's claims is here.
All the credit for this week's show goes to Chris Bollyn, who reads his book for us.
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