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#736#737#738#739 Episode #740 - The Words and Deeds of the US Deep State
(Fletcher Prouty, JFK, Vietnam, The Secret Team, Snowden Affair, BBG, The Underground Reich)



Sun 29 May 2016  Fletcher Prouty, Dave Emory, Yasha Levine (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2We expand on episode 739 with a 1993 recording of retired Airforce Colonel Fletcher Prouty speaking on his experience of the Bay of Pigs operation and on the Vietnam war. Prouty's testimony provides insights into how the early CIA covert operations were run and especially how they were coordinated with other branches of the US government. In our second hour Dave Emory examines evidence suggesting that the Edward Snowden Affair is a deep state operation, intended to corral hacktivists to use deep state-backdoored cryptographic software.
The connection between our two speakers this week is CIA insider Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, a key CIA insider at the time of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. In our first hour we hear some of the backstory as revealed by an investigation which was not make public at the time, and which supports last episode's observation that there seems to have been little effective oversight of the CIA. We begin with a short reading by Dave Emory describing the “focal point” net­works Prouty says he set up for the CIA - secretly appointed deep insiders first in branches of the U.S. mil­i­tary and later in all other key agen­cies of the gov­ern­ment, including the White House. These were answerable initially to Allan Dulles. As we hear in a revealing 1993 interview with L. Fletcher Prouty, JFK although young in years, had quite a lot of insider experience of how the US MICC operates. It is well known that Prouty fired Dulles after the Bay of Pigs debacle, but what is less well known, Prouty bemoans, is that JFK ordered a precise post-mortem into why exactly the operation failed, an eventuality which his report pins down to an apparent miss-communication by McGeorge Bundy about air cover. Was this, perhaps, not accidental, but part of a larger plan - deliberate sabotage by the focal point network?

The second part of the interview with Prouty concerns JFK's determination to withdraw all CIA personnel from Vietnam, which would have effectively obviated a war which he estimates cost about $470 billion - quite a tempting profit for the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex. He explains how Kennedy drew up his plans for the war, and highlights an apparently glaring inconsistency in the official historical record. Why, considering the official narrative that Kennedy was determined to leave Vietnam, and that a meeting of his advisors reported that his plan was going very well, did these advisors agree, a day before the Kennedy assassination to make drastic changes? Could this, too, be the focal point network in action, and the effective removal of this glitch from the historical record a demonstration that the same secret network remains in charge to this day?

We follow up with a very slightly cut episode of For The Record (#902, described in detail here) a broad ranging and recent hour of reflections assembled by Dave Emory. These are wide ranging in scope, but refer to these point networks outlined by Fletcher Prouty. His particular focus is the Edward Snow­den affair, which he suggests is a complex and multi-purpose propaganda operation. Of particular interest to some listeners (i.e. "privacy advocates"). Why does one arm of the US government (the Broadcast­ing Board of Gov­er­nors) fund development of software reportedly designed to prevent another arm of government (the NSA) from deciphering internet traffic? Could Tor etc. be backdoored? i.e. A "honeypot" designed by the deep state to try to attract particularly tech savvy and privacy seeking users - as a way of handling data overload? How relevant is the history of the BBG as a big budget propaganda outfit? And what of the connection to the Nazi-influenced Gehlen Organisation? Is this an "Underground Reich" as self-described "Anti-Fascist" Dave Emory suggests?
Thanks to Olivier for the suggestion of Dave Emory, although I ended up with a different episode than the more complex one (#876) he suggested.
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