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One video used to make this episode, Unlawful Killing, is effectively banned in UK/US - You may wish to seek legal advice before broadcasting it in these countries.

#676#677#678#679 Episode #680 - Unlawful Killing
(Secrets of the UK and US Establishments)



Sat 8 February 2014  Nafeez Ahmed, Sibel Edmonds
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Our title piece is an adaptation of the banned film, Unlawful Killing, about what the jury decided was the "unlawful killing" of Lady Diana Spencer, who wrote in letter that her husband was planning a car "accident" for her. A legal document to the same effect was hidden for years by the UK's top police officer, who, far from being disciplined, was made a life peer. We conclude with an interview of Sibel Edmonds by Nafeez Ahmed on murky busine$$ of the US establishment surrounding Sep 11th.
Unlawful Killing is a film by Keith Allen, funded by Mohammed Al-Fayed, father of Dodi Al-Fayed, Diana's fiancé who was also killed in the crash. Allen calls his film an "inquest of the inquest". While numerous details do emerge of the event in the Paris tunnel which killed Diana, her fiancé and their driver, the film's primary focus is the subsequent cover up.

Perhaps you have heard about the remarkably slow treatment that the Diana received after the accident - that she was left sitting in the undamaged back of the car for over half an hour and that the ambulance driver waited over half an hour before setting off to hospital, eventually arriving over an hour and a half at the hospital. But did you know that before her death, Diana reported to a friend being threatened that "accidents could happen", had suggested to many people that she would be killed by the establishment. husband is planning an "accident" in my car. Brake failure & serious head injury...Quotes-99.gif

— From a handwritten letter by Lady Diana to her butler in October 1995, kept secret for years

That letter was initially not disclosed, and a memo of similar purport written by her lawyer (the Mishcon note) was kept secret for 6 years, including 3 years in the custody of Lord Condon, then the commissioner of the Metropolitan police - i.e. the most senior policeman in UK. In 2012 Condon gave evidence to an inquiry by French Lawyer Gerard Caddeo in this matter, but faces no such censure from the UK establishment - in 1999 the Queen made Condon a life peer. No Royals testified before the court and newspapers sent their 'royal correspondents' - who generally need to cultivate friendly relationships with the UK royals to keep their jobs.

The main focus of the film is the inquest itself; rather then engaging in a lot of speculation about who might have killed Diana, Keith Allen is content to assemble evidence that the so-called inquest was in fact an orchestrated cover-up. Nevertheless, the film does note the obvious disquiet of the Royal family about Diana's behaviour - they termed her a 'loose cannon' - and that Diana's killing occurred just 3 weeks before the Oslo Landmine Conference, which was threatening to ban the use of anti-personnel landmines, so implicitly fingering an elite group within the upper echelon of the UK establishment, who could draw on the resources of the secret services.

The film makes the extraordinary claim that all the scientists (Professors Robert Forrest, Atholl Johnston, John Oliver & Peter Vanezis) who were involved in the inquest about the blood test of the driver signed a joint statement that the results were "biologically inexplicable". I have been unable to find clear verification of this, although the statement is widely attributed to Robert Forrest. The French toxicologist who provided the analysis is widely agreed to have have contradicted herself and was protected by the French government, who granted her exemption from the legal duty to be questioned at the inquest, allowed only for reasons of public order or national security.(

The adaptation continues into our second hour. We conclude with a 40 minute interview of Sibel Edmonds by Nafeez Ahmed on her gagging by the US establishment keen to suppress facts relating to Sep 11th.
Thanks to Dean Puckett for the Nafeez Ahmed & Sibel Edmonds interview and to Keith Allen for the film.
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