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#675#676#677#678 Episode #679 - The New Pearl Harbor 3
(The Exploding Towers)



Sat 25 January 2014  Many and various
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2We conclude Massimo Mazzucco's film, The New Pearl Harbor, looking this time at the remarkable circumstances surrounding the instantaneous freefall collapse of 3 steel framed skyscrapers (the first such collapses in history, happening largely in freefall as even NIST was forced eventually to admit).
Massimo Mazzucco's film, The New Pearl Harbor, concludes by looking at what is for many people the strongest evidence of all that the government's 9/11 story is a pack of lies. If you thought it couldn't get any more brazen that NIST's claim that for the only time in history a steel reinforced skyscraper collapsed due to what they claim 'a new mode of collapse', notwithstanding the fact that so many people were told that it would happen hours beforehand - there's more. Did you know that their claim is supposedly based on a secret computer model, of which they refuse to publish details, preventing anyone from seeing how they reached their remarkable conclusions. All the more suspicious considering their computer animation of the collapse looks nothing like the real collapse, and that the reports the have published contradict one another on several important points.

NIST and the debunkers have offered no answer as to how office fires plus a gravitational collapse could start fires which burnt underground for over 3 months and which melted steel and even concrete. Their answer to the multiple eyewitnesses who report glowing red hot and/or molten iron is to say everyone was mistaken and they have no comment on the samples of fused concrete and steel pulled from the wreckage. Their claims on the explosions and fireballs, some of which took place either before the planes hit or after the towers had collapse, were that they were caused by jet fuel. The film is replete with such denial of inconvenient evidence from NYC, just as the unwanted statements to the 9/11 Commission were either modified or just omitted, and all the CCTV footage surrounding the Pentagon event were removed never to be disclosed.

As I said the other week, understanding 9/11 seems more than anything to require the emotional maturity to contemplate the possibility that a powerful clique within the government might be covering something up, that anyone could contemplate such a big lie; I've never met anyone who gave the evidence a serious look who ended up believing the government's line. I still have friends and relatives who have not grasped the 9/11 nettle, and although they may not be emotionally ready I feel compelled by Mazzucco's careful marshaling of the evidence to send one or two of them a gentle pointer to this film.
Thanks to Massimo Mazzucco such a noteworthy film.
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