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#652#653#654#655 Episode #656 - Secret Wars Of The CIA
(A Classic Speech by John Stockwell)



Sat 8 June 2013  John Stockwell
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week a radio adaptation of the video, "Secret Wars Of The CIA", by CIA Medal of Merit winner turned CIA whistleblower, John Stockwell. In this vintage video, before the advent of WWW, an earnest Stockwell gives an overview of CIA activity and cites dozens of books to supporting material by other researchers.
This show we hear a single speaker, CIA whistleblower, John Stockwell, attempting to summarize the activities of the CIA. He begins his talk with the opinion that everyone has an obligation to try to fill their mind with the truth, and that those who fail in this will find it filled with the lies of others who seek to exploit them. His talk contains a multiplicity of citations of other texts which, if you trust his integrity and perspicacity, can be taken as a good recommendation of authors' credibility.

His meticulous talk gives an overview of CIA activity; where 'on the record' evidence exists, such as due to the activities of the 1975 Church Committee, he often cites it, including a number of loose ends. Did you know, for example, that the CIA had admitted to paying academics for using their credibility by pretending they had authored mendacious history textbooks? The names were never revealed, so the books are still there cluttering the historical record. Or that although a US house committee concluded that John F. Kennedy was killed as a result of a conspiracy, there has been no formal investigation by the US Justice Department into the matter?

Stockwell's talk continues into the second hour after which he answers a set of questions from an educated and engaged audience. Some slight editing of the audio still leaves about 30 minutes unbroadcast; to download the full speech as a video, see the link below.
Thanks to CSPAN for the recording.
Some of this episode's content is repeated in episode 660 and 661.
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