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#650#651#652#653 Episode #654 - State Crimes Against Democracy
(The Secret Government's War Of Terror)



Sat 25 May 2013  Lance deHaven-Smith, Paul Craig Roberts
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Most of the show is an interview with Lance deHaven-Smith, author of "Conspiracy Theory In America", who coined the term "State Crime Against Democracy" (SCAD) as a modern replacement of what used to be called a "high crime". Both speakers share an exasperation of the apparent credulousness of most of the US public, noting that November 22nd will mark a half century of emerging evidence about John F Kennedy's assassination, which the US government continues to maintain was the work of a 'lone nut'.
Both speakers this week share their exasperation at the credulousness of most of the US population. Lance deHaven-Smith begins his interview by describing how witnessing the stolen 2000 election in Florida was his way in to discovering the fundamental problems with the system of US laws and the increasing vacuousness of its supposed 'checks and balances'. He continues with an exposition about how the term "conspiracy theory" was planted by CIA "assets in the media", and he speculates that perhaps "9/11" was also planted specifically to accentuate the date, the better to usher in ideas that the rules changed that day. The interview varies over a wide range of probable misdeeds by the secret government, focusing particularly on the assassination of John F Kennedy. This interview continues half way into our second hour. We conclude with a 2012 interview by Cheryl of 9-11 Wake-Up Call. Paul Craig Roberts opines about the Sep 11th attack that it served a lot of agendas in US. So many trillions have been spent supposedly to fight the terrorists who carried out the attack, the "War On Terror" doctrine is effectively unchallengeable from within the existing power hierarchy. He notes the utility of promoting fear amongst the US populace and that most US citizens are "too mentally and emotionally weak" to deal with the fact that "the government is not on their side".
Thanks to Black Ops Radio for the Lance deHaven-Smith interview and 9-11 Wake-Up Call for the Paul Craig Roberts interview
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