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#600#601#602#603 Episode #604 - Occupy The Past
(Gandhian Non-Violence and Direct Action Movements)



Sat 19 May 2012  James Douglass, Chris Hedges, Barbara Epstien
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week another show made with the ongoing Occupy movement in mind. Our main feature is author and researcher James Douglass on his book Gandhi and the Unspeakable, and we hear thoughts from Chris Hedges and Barbara Epstien also from earlier this year.
We begin this week's show with Chris Hedges on why he referred to the violence of the Black Block as the 'Cancer of the Occupy Movement'.

We then hear from author and researcher James Douglass. He has been continuing his research into the assassinations of anti-establishment leaders of the 20th century which we looked at in episode 517. He speaks today on his book Gandhi and the Unspeakable, describing Gandhi's trajectory from failed lawyer, racial justice activist in South Africa to visionary non-violent leader of Indian independence, continuing into the second hour.

Then we hear Barbara Epstien speaks on her book, Political Protest and Cultural Revolution, Non-violent Direct Action in the 1970's and 80's, on some of the history of mass direct action movements in USA in the 1970's and 80's, especially those protesting the nuclear power/nuclear weapons complex.
Thanks to Black Op Radio for the James Douglass interview and to Sasha Lilley of Against The Grain for the Barbara Epstien interview.
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