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#380#381#382#383 Episode #384 - Creating and Re-Creating Social Reality
(Beyond the Dominant Paradigm)



Mon 12 November 2007  Michael Parenti, Genevieve Vaughan (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Almost everything about human societies is a convention, yet we often treat these arbitrary, often absurd, cruel social arrangements and laws as if they were laws of nature. Why do people not realise that social arrangements, far from being fixed, like gravity, could in fact all be changed, swept away, by a collective act of will?
Our show begins with Michael Parenti from last Spring asking how can people seek to be objective in an age of corporate propaganda. He uses a range of geopolitical examples such as the myth of 'economic development' and stories told in USA about USSR, to shows how apparently 'objective' information given to students is often a one-sided interpretation which omits certain crucial facts, designed not to lift but to strengthen the ideological blinkers that hierarchy would like to create. We hear questions and answers following the presentation, and David Rovics sings on The Commons, followed in our second hour, by a 25 minute reading from Genevieve Vaughan's For-Giving. This week we hear how the 'masculation' process of defining men in opposition to women suppresses gift giving and perpetuates the idea that it is unrealistic.
Music: David Rovics
Thanks to Mike McCormick for the Michael Parenti talk
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