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#290#291#292#293 Episode #294 - 9/11 and the Role of the Military
(Intimidating the Public, the Congress and the Press)



Sun 19 February 2006  Philippe Sands, "George Washington", Paul Craig Roberts, George Kenney, David Ray Griffin
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Last week's show on the controlled demolition of the world trade center towers on Sep 11th motivated many listeners to take government involvement in the 9/11 attacks seriously, and to tell others. That the government is lying about 9/11 is easy to prove, but for many people it is either hard to believe or to risky to even talk about. This week we hear a range of speakers on 9/11 and we consider its use as part of a campaign of terror.
In the agri-ecological discipline of permaculture, which I hope to present more about on the show in the coming months, there is a principle that "the problem is the solution". If the acceptance of the lie of 9/11 is the problem, it promulgates fear and submission and legitimizes endless war and an American police state. Breaking the spell of the 9/11 cover story may be the key to setting free resistance to resurgent fascism in America. Resisting this is the obligation of the American people. 20th century history clearly teaches us what happens when resistance comes too late. Last week on the program I read you about Operation Northwoods, a 1960s plan, created by the pentagon, but nixed by Kennedy, which called for the government to stage terrorist attacks in the US that would then be blamed on Cuba and be used as a pretext for an invasion of that country. Some time ago, we also broadcast about an aborted coup in the 1930s against the FDR administration which was hatched by the some of the nations most power capitalists who tried recruit Marine General Smedley Butler to be the military dictator of the United States. The point is that a totalitarian tendency has been present in the American body politic since the nations beginnings - the United States is not alone in this - the point is that the United States is not exempt from this. In every country that falls to totalitarian regimes we see the same alliances, men of wealth and generals.
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