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#287#288#289#290 Episode #291 - The Fascist State of the Union
(A Time for Action)



Sun 29 January 2006  Teresa Grady (reading), Michael Ratner, Tracy James, Henry Giroux.
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2In the past week, Bush and his cronies have been touring the country to justify their domestic spying program, bipartisan calls from a despicable Congress to retroactively legalize their crimes are being spun out to us by a craven media, and the Senate gets ready to vote on the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice who favors a national security dictatorship. Meanwhile, four beloved people from our community have been carted off to Federal prison for what was, in real terms, a small protest against an illegal and unjust war started by those same officials that has resulted in carnage. This week on the program, you will hear, from a variety of voices, what the actual state of the union is, and what actions are needed to change it.
In our first hour, we start by reading the defiant statement of Teresa Grady, one of the St. Patrick's Day Four. Michael Ratner declares the crimes of the US administration. Tracy James of Slave Revolt Radio reports on the "War on Drugs", how police forces have an incentive to make drug crimes a federal crime, since they can seize the property of anyone convicted of a drug offence. We conclude with an interview of Henry Giroux about the rise of fascism in US.
Thanks to Verna Avery Brown, Pacifica Radio, Slave Revolt Radio, thanks to C. S. Soong of Against The Grain for the Henry Giroux interview.
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