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#283#284#285#286 Episode #287 - The 500 Year old Wrong Turn
(Making "Small is Beautiful" Beautiful Again)



Sun 1 January 2006  John Marciano, Alexander Zaitchik (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week, we begin a series of bi-monthly lectures and discussions with Professor John Marciano which are from a public class that meets to read and discuss Howard Zinn's People's History of the United States, but first I'd like to read you an essay that examines the way we define success and happiness societally, the consequences of our ideas about progress, and a vision for a new way of going forward that we might, and one might say must, take.
New Year's Day is a traditional day for reflection on the past, assessing the present and making decisions and predictions about the future, so I gave a bit of thought as to what to play for you on this first episode of 2006. At this time of year there tend to be a number of media offerings looking back on the important events of the previous year which I guess are supposed give us a bearing on where we've been and thus presumably where we are, I decided to that to understand where we are, we'd better go back about 500 years to the birth of a civilization that redefined the pursuit of happiness in what turned out to be a monumentally destructive and toxic way. Our first hour begins with a report on a conference on redefining economic progress, featuring the Gross National Happiness index of Bhutan. We then continue with a speech by John Marciano, which reviews Christopher Columbus and the origins of US, and continues into the second hour. The show concludes with the discussion which followed John Marciano's presentation, about Howard Zinn's People's History of The United States.
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