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#243#244#245#246 Episode #247 - The Human Costs of the Iraq War
(Reports from Iraq)



Sun 27 March 2005  Diana Ortiz (reading), Maura Stephens, Mark Twain (reading), The CCCP
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Maura Stephens is a longtime journalist and activist who spent 19 years at Newsweek magazine. Now an independent reporter, as well as an educator and activist, she is a member of the national Iraq Speakers Bureau and editorial and policy adviser to EPIC, the Education for Peace in Iraq Center. She also works with Life for Relief and Development to bring humanitarian aid to the people of Iraq. She is known in the Ithaca area for her work toward peace, justice, equity, media reform, electoral reform, and citizen engagement in democracy. In this presentation, taped on 2004-03-19, Stephens shared some of the information she has gathered during her research and extensive interviews with Iraqis before the invasion and during the occupation of Iraq.
We start by reading from an Easter reflection by victim of US torture, Diana Ortiz. Maura Stephens' presentation begins in our second hour and continues into the second hour. We then conclude with the last reading from Mark Twain's The Mysterious Stranger.
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