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#223#224#225#226 Episode #227 - Making Monsters
(The Ugly Realities of Wars and Warriors)



Sun 31 October 2004  Chris Hedges, Dennis Stout, Jim Brown, Christopher Meyers, Steven Sherrill
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week after an update on Sep 11th, we hear a passionate speech by Chris Hedges, while in our second hour we hear a discussion on war and atrocities from those whose who have witnessed them.
We begin this week with an update on Sep 11th; we hear how the US government is covering up its possession of the WTC jetliners' flight recorders and how citizens file an unprecedented complaint demanding a criminal investigation by New York Attorney General into 9/11. After We Can't Make It Here Anymore, we hear our first speaker, Chris Hedges, whose 40 minutes talk, entitled "War is a force that gives us meaning", is one of the most moving exposes of war we have played on the show. Our second hour is a discussion from the Veterans For Peace convention in Boston, recorded on 2004-07-25. Vietnam veterans Dennis Stout, Jim Brown, Christopher Meyers, Steven Sherrill discuss the ugly reality of war as they experienced it. They draw the connections between their personal experience and the wider reality of USA's wars of aggression.
Music: We Can't Make It Here Anymore by James Mcmurtry
Thanks to the LA Sound Posse, Ted Shapin, Jeff McMurtry, Ellen Fitzgugh
Some of this episode's content is repeated in episode s 665 and 706..
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