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#214#215#216#217 Episode #218 - B@lm in Gilead
(The Struggle for America)



Sun 29 August 2004  Mark Crispin Miller, John Dean, Larry Bensky, Cindy Milstein
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2First on the program, a look at parts of that agenda that remain unspoken, theocratic dictatorship, and the general climate of secrecy and lies that characterize the Bush white house - veteran radio journalist Larry Bensky spoke with NYU Media scholar and author Mark Crispin Miller and former Nixon White Counsel John Dean. In the second hour, Anarchism 101.
The Republican National Convention gets underway tomorrow in New York City but the Republicans are truly unwelcome guests there, recent polls show that 80% of New York City residents don't want them, and that 60% or so of those polled approve of the anti-RNC demonstrations. Hundreds of thousands have already turned out to protest against the Bush agenda. In the lead up to the convention the mainstream press has dutifully reported hysterical statements by New York City authorities of fearsome anarchists invading the city and they announced that the NYPD had dispatched teams of officers throughout the nation to perform round the clock surveillance on 56 anarchist organizers. What is anarchism? Should you be afraid, or should you join up?
Thanks to Larry Bensky. Pacifica Radio and George King
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