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#142#143#144#145 Episode #146 - Escalating Resistance to War and the Bush Agenda
(From St. Patrick's Day Four to Fragging)



Sat 21 December 2002  Dave Blaylock, Andrew McGovern (reading), Sasha Vodnik
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week the program the subject is war resistance, both among civilians and members of the US military. We review the anti-war protests and civil disobedience both inside US and around the world, including the St. Patrick's Day 4. Dave Blaylock describes his experience of 'fragging' in the Vietnam War. We hear about the drugs administered to US personnel in the Gulf War and read the testimony of Andrew McGovern, who fought in the Gulf War, describing his experience in boot camp and then, four days later, when he went to fight in Iraq. We start the second hour, we hear the propaganda used by Hitler to prepare for WW2. Then we conclude with a 45 minute workshop on war tax resistance from Sasha Vodnik.
In spite of passionate opposition by people here and abroad, as well as by the majority of foreign governments, the Bush administration unleashed an attack that has already led to many, many deaths, which are being reported by the foreign, but not American, media. The prevailing US media message is, that now that war has begun, Americans should cease opposition. But.this is impossible for those of us disgusted and outraged by a war of aggression, by war generally, or by the totality of the actions and policies of the government of the United States. Many people feel that democracy has failed, and that America and the world are in crisis.
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