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#63#64#65#66 Episode #67 - ABC's of US Nuclear Weapons Program
(Underneath 6 Decades of Propaganda)



Sat 16 June 2001  Craig Eisendrath, Jay Truman
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Lies and propaganda have surrounded the US Nuclear weapons program for the past 50 years, These deceptions are not directed at allegedly hostile nations, they were, and continue to be directed at the American people whose taxes are footing the bill for all this. This week we look at the propaganda campaign and the realities behind it, from the 1950's to its latest incarnation - the so-called star wars national missile defense.
We'll begin the program with an interview with Craig Eisendrath, a former state department official who will assess how the National Missile defense program measures up according to its ostensible defensive purposes. Then we'll hear a the soundtrack of a recently declassified 1951 Defense Department internal propaganda film on the nuclear weapons testing program in Nevada, which continues to this day. Then we'll hear from Jay Truman, one of the 'downwinders' - kids who grew up downwind of the Nevada test site. He speaks about the costs of the nuclear weapons program, that are never factored into budget debates on Capitol Hill.
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Thanks to Mike McCormick of Mind over Matters for the interviews
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