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#48#49#50#51 Episode #52 - Teach-In on the FTAA
(From Vancouver, British Columbia)



Sat 3 March 2001  Libby Davies, Svend Robinson, David Cadman, Fred Bass, Bob Everton, Alison Haynes (reading), William Morrison (reading), Miriam Palasios
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This we we devote the whole show to excerpts from a teach-in on the Free Trade Area of the Americas, the FTAA, that was held late last month by the mobilization for global justice in Vancouver, British Columbia. The FTAA has been described as "NAFTA on steroids."
The first hour consists of a panel entitled Up Close and Personal - How the FTAA Affects us, which involves many Canadian MPs. Why are US officials not opposing it? In our second hour, we hear a speech from Professor Bob Everton of the BC Latin American Congress, who begins his talk on about Direct Action by noting that some of the earliest recorded history is that of resisting corrupt and self serving government. Direct Action, he argues, is a not even a right, but a duty. He reviews the history of organised resistance to 'free' trade, including PGA and the Zapatistas. We then hear a reading of Anarchy in The Air as Summit Draws Near and Lawyer Shuns Summit from the Montreal Gazette. We conclude the show with Miriam Palasios from Oxfam Canada, who speaks on what FTAA would mean for Canada and Guatemala.
Music: Tracy Chapman
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