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#39#40#41#42 Episode #43 - Capitalism and Repression
(Unholy Alliance: State and Corporate Repression)



Sat 30 December 2000  Ward Churchill
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Government as a tool of wealthy and powerful interests is nothing new; rather it is the primary reason that governments exist. If you don't believe that consider this simple fact: corporations and plutocrats have caused the death and immiseration of millions of people, yet how many CEO's are there on death row or in the burgeoning prisons of America? Law enforcement agencies have most often been used against political dissidents, and as we hear this week from Ward Churchill, the FBI was created to suppress radical movements that challenged the plutocracy.
Most of this week's show is devoted to a talk by activist and scholar Ward Churchill on the history of political repression against movements of equality and freedom in the United States, Then, a report on a miner's strike in Ontario, where we can see in a current context, the same historical dymanics that Churchill discusses, and, also, what it takes to defeat this unholy alliance of corporate and state power. And to close, the facts behind that swindle called electricity deregulation, which is now plaguing California, and could be coming to your state soon.
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