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#59#60#61#62 Episode #63 - Resistance in the Heartland
(from the PTA to the Family Farm)



Sat 19 May 2001  David Stratman, Jonathan King, Various GMO panelists
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week we hear of the spirit of rebellion rising throughout America against the domination of our society of by corporate interests and values. Though it receives little to no media coverage, a growing number of people within what has traditionally been the mainstream of society are noticing the erosion of democratic structures and values that are the result of this corporate incursion. They are members of the PTA, the parent-teachers association, fighting high stakes testing in Massachusetts Public Schools. They are family farmers fighting for their existence against the domination of US agriculture by biotech companies. They are developing a deep understanding of the systemic problems, and they are organizing resistance nationally and internationally.
Our first hour starts with a 20 minute interview with David Stratman, an educational consultant, who speaks on the effects of high stakes testing. Then we hear an analysis by Jonathan King of the impact of the MCAS high stakes tests and its connection with the FTAA. We then change tack by hearing interviews from a citizens' panel opposing Genetic Engineering, discussing RBGH and health risks of agribusiness.
Thanks to TUC_Radio for recording the GMO farmers' panel
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